This calculator should be used as a guide only and isn't a guarantee of actual usage.

How long do you spend watching videos, films or TV on YouTube, Love Film, BBC iPlayer, SkyGo etc. each day?

Video watching information

How long do you spend streaming music each day through Spotify, SoundCloud, BBC iPlayer radio or similar services each day? (This doesn't include downloading tracks.)

Video watching information

How many times do you update or upload photos or videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites each day?

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How many emails do you read or send on your phone including those with documents attached? We estimate that about a quarter of emails are sent with attachments.

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How many times do you browse web pages or check apps each day? This could be checking the news, shopping, using search engines, using apps or just checking Facebook (not posting). Only include apps that need an internet connection.

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Estimated total internet use a month

You can use this estimate to help pick a data pack level that suits your needs. (estimate is per device connected)

How we work it out (based on average internet use)

1GB = 1024MB
1MB = 1024KB

1 minute of streaming video: 3.75MB

1 minute of streaming music: 716.8KB (normal quality – 96kbps)

1 social media post: 350KB (we're assuming you have a photo or link within the post)

1 webpage browsed / app checked: 1MB

1 email read or sent: 70KB (this is worked on an assumption ¼ of emails have attachments and ¾ don't)